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- SINCE 1959 -



Please present or mention special before ordering.
Available from 11/3/18 - 11/7/18.

Cold Cuts

purchased in any amount

Boar’s head Honey Maple Turkey  $7.89 lb.
Boar’s head Slicing Smoked Gouda  $6.49 lb.
Boar’s head Slicing Soppressata (Hot or Sweet)  $9.95 lb.
Boar’s Head Genova Salami  $6.89 lb.
Boar’s Head Munster Cheese  $5.49 lb.


Nature Loin Veal Chops  $8.95 lb.
Stuffed Flank Steak w/ Spinach, Mozzarella, Cheddar, and Roasted Peppers  $10.95 lb.
Dry Aged Bone In Shell Steak  $14.95 lb.
Dry Aged Porterhouse Steaks  $14.95 lb.
Prime Bavette Steaks  $12.95 lb.
Pizza Flavored Chicken Cutlets  $6.89 lb.
Boneless Stuffed Chicken Thighs w/ Prosciutto, Mozzarella, Spinach, and Roasted Peppers  $4.89 lb.
Chicken Sausage Links w/ Salt, Pepper, and Pecorino Cheese  $3.89 lb.
Ready to Cook Chicken Meatballs/Meatloaf  $4.49 lb.
Thin Chicken Sausage w/ Cheese and Parsley  $3.89 lb.


2 lb bags of Fresh Mussels  $4.99 each
Wild Salmon  $18.95 lb.
Ready to Cook Salmon Meatballs  $15.95 lb.
Red Snapper Fillet  $19.95 lb.
Branzino Fillet  $18.95 lb.
Striped Bass Fillet  $18.95 lb.

Thanksgiving Dinner

Leave the Cooking to Us!

All Thanksgiving orders must be placed by Monday 11/12/18. Pickup on Thanksgiving morning 11/22, 8-10am or any day requested. Not combinable with coupons or discounts.

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